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Standard roses are a timeless formal classic that will always be a popular choice in gardens. They add colour, are quite hardy and you can pick your own bunch of flowers whenever you like (except Winter of course!). They prefer a sunny position.

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English Box needs very little water and grows in almost any soil. English Box grows in full sun through to the very deepest shade. English Box is the best of the low borders when you have a border that is partly in full sun and partly in deep shade.

English Box in 3” pots – only 99c

Silver Stirling Anzac Prices-blog Nandina Anzac Prices 2
Silver Sheen is fast growing and is ideal for screening and hedging. It can grow in coastal areas and tolerates frost and is suitable for growing in containers. Plant one per metre for a hedge or screen.

Bushy 5ft tall Pittosporum Silver Sheenin 10” pots – only $22.90

Dwarf Nandina has beautiful red foliage in the cooler months, and is almost indestructible. Great for a low border or mass planting.

3” Pot Dwarf Nandina – $2.99

 Little Gem Magnolias Anzac Prices-blog Silver Sheen Pittosporums Anzac Prices
Little Gem Magnolia are an evergreen beauty with stunning dense foliage, dark glossy green on one side and brown velvet on the other, ideal for screening. Produces beautiful creamy-white flowers through Summer and Autumn. Once established the Little Gem Magnolia is very hardy.

3ft Tall Little Gem Magnolias in 8” pots – only $24.90

Pittosporum Silver Sheen is an appealing Pittosporum with blackish stems and very small, silvery-green leaves which give the plant a shimmering effect. They are fast growing and are ideal for screening and hedging.

3” Pot Silver Sheen – $2.99

Silver Birches Anzac Prices-blog Dietes Anzac Prices-blog
Silver Birch are by far Melbourne’s most popular tree. They are easy to grow and if properly looked after they will grow quickly for the first few years, with growth of up to 6ft per year. Elegant tree that adds class and never goes out of fashion.

3″ Dwarf Nandina – only $2.99

Dietes are well known exotic plant with long strappy leaves and beautiful large blooms which are white marked with yellow and violet. They’re a commonly seen in gardens and large landscapes.

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Jap Maple Anzac Prices-blog Japanese Maples produce brilliant Autumn colour this beautiful deciduous tree is attractive all year round. It has a strong tolerance to frost and makes a perfect bonsai specimen.

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Beautiful Pleached Ficus!

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Pleached Ficus Flash Hedging are perfect for the compact garden. They have small trunks which allow for something special and small to be grown underneath them whilst giving you a 2 story effect. Right now you can buy beautiful 1.8m tall specimens in a 12” pot (see picture) for only $99.90 each (Hurry stocks are limited)

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The secret with pleaching is that ficus are evergreen and pleach very easily. These particular ficus are the Emerald Green Ficus Flash Hilii and are very lush and are fantastic for doing a pleached hedge.

Check out some of these awesome photos of how you can plant your Pleached Ficus.

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