Autumn Colour Carnival! Yucca’s From 99c Each!!!

With Autumn at our doorstep here in Melbourne it’s time to add colour and life to your garden with some of these amazing bulk discounts!

This is the absolute best time of year to plan your new garden or do up an existing one at Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies. We’ve gathered up the BEST assortment of plants with colour just for YOU. If you’re doing up your garden, there has never been a better time to shop with us! With the cooler winds and temperature, Autumn is like a dream for getting your plants in the ground and allowing them to settle before Winter kicks in. This gives your plants the maximum boost for when Spring time comes around, as they will be ready to rocket off and get maximum growth! Check out these incredible Bulk discounts and deals.

Butterfly Grass Guara

Yucca Carnival

3ft Std Ficus

Lavendar Avonview

Baby Panda

Assorted Gazanias

Cordyline Pink Passion




Red Fountain Grass

Kangaroo Paws



Cordyline Pocahontas

Bronze Baby


English Box

Silver Sheen

Leighton Green