The Pre Spring Clearance Continues

Get in and save at our Pre-Spring Clearance!!

Right now, is the absolute best time to save on plants for your garden. With a lot of our trees and plants been sold in their Bare Rooted form, you’re cutting out the costs of potting and shipping, and in a lot of cases saving up to twice as much as what they sell for in Spring time. Not only is it a cost effective time to purchase your plants, but it is also a great time to plant them, as the ground begins to warm up for Spring, your plants can establish themselves nicely before the warmer weather arrives.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic Winter prices!!!

Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses from only $9.90 each!Std Roses Pre Spring

If you’re thinking about getting Standard Iceberg Roses then now is the time to do it. At nearly 3x less then the price they retail for in Spring, you’ll not only be doing your garden a favour but your wallet too. 

Hurry order now!

Get beautiful 2ft Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses for only $9.90 each. Buy Here 

Standard Iceberg Roses are the classic and traditional rose used in formal manicured gardens, cottage and even contemporary gardens.

Even the most uninformed gardener tends to recognize this rose. Because it is almost thornless, Iceberg lends itself to planting in public spaces and along walk-ways.

Both 2ft and 3ft Standard Iceberg Roses are available in the Bare Rooted form and are both incredible value.

Get beautiful 2ft Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses for only $9.90 each.


Get beautiful 3ft Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses for only $19.90 each. ($34.90 in Spring)

Click the video below to watch these beautiful Bare Rooted Std Roses in action!

6ft tall Bare Rooted White Weeping Cherries only $59.90 each!


Bare Rooted Weeping Cherries are a favourite of the Bare Rooted Season. One of the main reasons they are so popular is because of their beautiful blossoms which begin in late August to early September. If you get your Bare Rooted Weeping Cherry in the ground now you’ll not only experience beautiful Spring blossoms but you will enhance your Weeping Cherries growth as the cold winter ground allows the roots to establish themselves before the warmer months begin.

Click the video to watch these beautiful specimens in action!

Another good reason of course is the price. At more than half price Bare Rooted you would be bonkers to miss out on this deal.

Get beautiful White 6ft tall Bare Rooted Weeping Cherries for only $59.90 each

6-7 inch tall English Box in 2” pots only $1.59 each!

Eng Box Pre-Spring Clearance

Get beautiful big English Box in 2” pots for only $1.59 each.

English box are the classic all rounder for creating wonderful enclosed landscapes and gardens. Whether you’re creating a border or a hedge, English Box will deliver every time with spectacular results.

A hardy contender to any garden and will tolerate most conditions English Box is also a wonderful selection for the beginning garden enthusiast.


Bare Rooted Acer Globosum “Designer Maple” only $69.90 each!

Acer Globossum

Designer Maple is a fabulous feature tree that grows in a form of “ball on a stick”. The head will grow approx. 2m x 2m (happy to be trimmed).

In Autumn Designer Maple’s foliage will change to a blend of colours including, orange’s, red’s and burgundy before shedding for winter. A very attractive focal point in your garden!


Right now at Hello Hello Plants you can get the Acer Globosum – “Designer Maple” in Bare Rooted form for only $69.90 

Call and get yours today!

(03) 9359 3331.

All Acer Globosum trees will have a small head of about 40cm or so in Diameter, and are around 6ft in height. They’re in superb condition and are ready to flourish.

Also; if you’re loving that lolly pop on a stick shape check out…

8ft tall Bare Rooted Mop Tops only $69.90 each!

Mop Tops

Mop Tops are amazing! Just pop them in the ground and it looks like you have an established garden in just 8 months time. You can quickly transform your garden and property in no time!

Right now get 8ft tall Mop Tops in Bare Rooted form for only $69.90

Call and get yours today!

(03) 9359 3331.

4ft tall Magnolia Soulangeana Early Pink only $29.90 each!


Traditionally, Magnolia Soulangeana have been the tree that tells Melbournians that Spring is coming! If you look around Melbourne (particularly in the older suburbs) right now, you’ll see these beautiful small trees in flower with their beautiful pink tulip like flowers. It’s a pre cursor to spring.

Own your very own 4ft tall ‘Early Pink’ Magnolia Soulangeana for only $29.90 each (were $49.90