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Free Pot of Lavender

We had so much fun last week giving away our Free Garden Sprayers that we decided this week to give away something else! Get a free 2″ pot of Avonview Lavender (usually $4.90 and on sale now for $2.90) with every order on $10 or more. Once again you can get this by purchasing online […]

Free Garden Sprayer

This weekend, starting Friday, we’re giving away high-quality multi-purpose garden sprayers with every order over $10. This is for all orders made online as well as instore. These are very handy to have in the garden and even around the home. Use to apply garden sprays, foliar applications and homemade garden remedies. Check out this […]

Instore Clearance: Roses from $5.90

As the weather warms up, our bare rooted season is almost over. The dormant bare-rooted plants are springing to life and need to go back in the soil! We have sold thousands of bare rooted roses this year, and we need to clear the rest of our stock this week. Note: Stock is still available. […]

Bare Rooted Rose Sell-out

It’s official; we’ve sold a LOT of roses this Winter, and we’ve actually sold out our main supplier of almost all his bare-rooted roses. Everyone at the nursery would like to say thank you to all our customers in Melbourne, Victoria and around Australia for getting behind our bare-rooted rose clearance and buying up big. […]

The Bare Rooted Season Is Coming!

Winter is a fun season for us at Chris & Marie’s, because we get BARE ROOTED! Above you can see one of the fields of roses nearly ready to be dug up and sold cheaply in bare root form at our nursery and on the website. Read the frequently asked questions below to find out […]

Easter Rose Clearance & Plant Sale

Chris was asked an interesting question by a customer recently: Why is the nursery down the road selling standard roses that look just the same as yours, for $70, when yours are $17.90? How is this possible? The answer is that Chris has been preparing a fantastic sale for Easter, and his growers want to […]

January Heat Wave Sale

Melbourne’s forecast to have a heat wave until Wednesday the 9th of January. Traditionally, it’s hard to sell plants during a hot spell, and nurseries & growers often have a hard time of it. This is because of the myth that plants don’t like heat. Actually, given plenty of water and nutrients, plants absolutely love […]