East Melbourne Tea House Startup Garden Transformation

Testimonial from the girls at Mary Eats Cake

     “Thanks to Chris and the team at Hello Hello for going above and beyond in helping us transform our Montrose Tea House front garden. We stood with Chris as he looked at the empty shell of dirt and shrubs that was our ‘front garden’ and were delighted in the concept he created for us. We don’t have green thumbs so we were over the moon that Chris made the entire process as simple, cost efficient, and lovely as possible. We are extremely happy with how quickly the garden transformed and for all his wisdom on plant selection and placement. The entire team at Hello Hello were very helpful, professional, and quick moving! Our rugged patch of dirt is now home to a beautiful selection of plants evoking an English Rose Garden feel for our quaint tea house.”

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Most clients that approach us for a garden concept design have an idea of how they want the garden to ‘feel’, ‘look’, or ‘give a sense of something’ but are unsure of how to achieve it.Whether it’s a Modern Garden with architectural highlights, A Formal Garden with clean lines, A Cottage Garden or Australian Native Garden, Chris can design a garden that works by spending some time with you to find out what aspects you like, and what purpose you envision using the garden for. Chris takes lifestyle into account and if low maintenance is what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll get. 

Chris created the garden that had a quaint English feel to it, the perfect accompaniment to any establishment serving High Tea. The stunning feature trees are set off beautifully with the colourful shrubs, roses & perennials that started small, straggly and more importantly a very economical addition, that with regular watering will quickly bush out and create masses of colour. With a bit of forward planning, planting costs can be halved by using smaller plants that will grow and bloom over the coming weeks. All you need is a little time & plenty of water. 

Chris is in high demand for his garden designs so whilst it’s still ok to pop into the nursery with your measurements and a few photos of the garden space you want to re-design on the off chance Chris is available, you can also book an appointment time with him so you don’t have to wait. Call 03 9359 3331 to arrange a one on one Design with Chris.