Top 10 places to visit this Autumn in Victoria!

Don’t miss the spectacular show of autumnal colour this year by staying inside! Get out and visit some of Victoria’s most colourful gardens and botanical festivals this season.

We have narrowed down our Top 10 places to visit this autumn for a spectacular show of sepia, scarlet, amber and gold!


Bright, Alpine National Park

Bright Victoria. Photo by Mehul Naik

No town could possibly do it better than Bright. Just before the busy snow season, the township of Bright makes for a picturesque vista of autumn colour. Holiday-makers, hikers and photographers will all find great pleasure in visiting this little town.

Whilst there, check out the Bright Autumn Festival, April 22nd to May 1st

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KaBloom Festival of Flowers, Silvan

Kabloom Festival of Flowers

Dates: April 2nd – April 26th

For some colour in autumn of a different kind, the KaBloom Festival of Flowers is a vibrant show of autumn flowers. Blooms of all colours of the rainbow are specifically grown for this festival in dense rows spanning the Tesselaar property in Silvan. It is a festival not to be missed!

Visit the KaBloom festival page here 

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Valley of Liquidambers, Heathcote

Valley of Liquidambers. Photo by Kylie McKay

Bath in a sea of autumnal colour in the Valley of Liquidambers! A gorgeous picnic spot to relax and unwind, or the chance to try out your photography skills. Whatever the reason, this spot is a must-see on your autumn list!

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Walhalla, Gippsland

Walhalla Gippsland. Photo by Kathryn Potempski

The little historic township of Walhalla in Gippsland has streets lined with gorgeous, deciduous trees and shrubs, showing off striking autumnal colour. Whilst here, enjoy some of the gorgeous alpine parks, gold mining heritage and old architecture. 

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Beechworth & Stanley

Beechworth. Photo by P. K

A short trip North from Bright, you’ll find an autumn colour extravaganza! Beechworth is an old-world town, boasting heritage architecture and enormous old oaks and elms covering the town in colour. Down the road in Stanley are copious amounts of walnut, apple and hazelnut orchards putting on their own autumnal show.

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Macedon, Macedon Ranges

Gardens of Tieve Tara. Photo by Trish Khoo

A little town nestled against Mount Macedon in Victoria’s north boasts an incredible Avenue of Honour of large Pin Oaks. Just up the road, you will also find three gardens that are a must-visit. Duneira Gardens, Tieve Tara Gardens  and Forest Glade Gardens all put on a gorgeous autumnal show. 

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Daylesford & Hepburn Shire

Central Lake, Daylesford. Photo by Winston

The star of spa country, the bustling tourist town of Daylesford makes for a brilliant and fun autumn destination. The Wombat Hill Gardens above the town boasts some 80-160-year-old trees, Scarlet and English Oak, Elms, Beech and Hornbeam just to name a few. Down in Hepburn Springs, you will find gorgeous autumn colours along the roadside and down in the Mineral Springs Park. Lavandula Lavender Farm puts on a fun-filled festival with jam making, chestnut roasting and preserving. This year events are still postponed due to Covid but with hope, they’ll be back soon!

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Alfred Nicolas Memorial Gardens

Alfred Nicholas garden Photo by Coffee Kuo

Up in the Dandenong Ranges, nestled amongst the tall redwoods are brilliant eye-catching gardens, and the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens is no exception. If you’re a Japanese Maple and Ginkgo biloba fan, these gardens are for you. Burnham Beeches Bakery is just next door with stunning gardens to match that of the Memorial gardens.

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Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden Ornamental Lake. Photo by Gavin Clark

This is a garden jam-packed full of colour and excitement (well, at least for the fellow plant lover!) Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens has an extensive amount of deciduous and evergreen tree varieties, shrubs and flowers. A must see in both spring and autumn, the gardens put on a spectacular colour display. Japanese and European Maples, Cherry trees, weeping Silver Birch against a gorgeous pond, giant Oaks, and a Ginkgo biloba as a golden beacon standing vigil at the entrance against the towering redwoods! You’ll easily spend all day here.

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Cloudehill Gardens, Olinda

Cloudehill Garden & Nursery. Photo by Mathew Fedley

A beautiful, dense, cottage-style garden, Cloudehill Garden was created and revived from the remains of an old cut flower nursery. These gardens show a real love of the horticultural industry, with many rare and interesting varieties grown and cultivated here including a beautiful specimen, Enkianthus perulatus. Autumn brings about a phenomenal colour and textural delight with flowering grasses, shrubs and of course deciduous foliar display!

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And finally our own nursery:
Hello Hello Plants Nursery in Campbellfield 

Hello Hello Nursery at 1477 Sydney Road, Campbellfield

Our nursery is filled with beautiful and colourful plants at this time of the year! It makes it so easy to choose what you would like to have in your garden.

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That’s it for this list of Top 10 places to visit this Autumn in Victoria, 2022.
We hope that you enjoy this beautiful Autumn display of colours.
Hello Hello Plants.

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