Bare Rooted Ornamental Pears From $14.99!

Ornamental pear trees are fast growing, tolerant of most soil types, including heavy and poor soils, and best of all they come in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Much loved by architects and local councils for their hardiness, Spring blossom, Autumn colour and their screening and wind break abilities. 

Screen Spacing = Creating a full lush screen with no gaps.

Avenue Spacing = Separated with gaps in between, common down driveways. 


Capital Ornamental Pear

Shape: Long / Narrow 

Screen Spacing: 1.8 Meters Apart

Avenue Spacing: 5 Meters Apart

Capital pears are the narrowest growing of all the ornamental pear trees. These pears look great used to frame entrance ways, multi-planted to create a mini pear tree forest or used as a tall narrow screen that requires little or no maintenance. They develop a small bare trunk at the base which can be used as a feature or under planted to create a dense leafy look in the garden. Click Here

Capital Pear Images


Cleveland Ornamental Pear

Shape: Tear Drop

Screen Spacing: 2.8 Meters Apart

Avenue Spacing: 7-10 Meters Apart

Cleveland select pears (“brand name” Chanticleer) are a medium sized growing tree that form a very even uniform shape if left untrimmed. They are a fast growing tree that have brilliant red autumn colour, deep green Summer foliage and white Spring blossom. These trees can be used as a feature in the garden or planted as an avenue or driveway specimen. Click Here

Cleveland Pear Images


Manchurian Ornamental Pear

Shape: Wide – Low Spreading Oval 

Screen Spacing: 5 Meters Apart

Avenue Spacing: 15 Meters Apart

Pleaching: 1.8 Meters Apart

Manchurian pear trees are a larger growing broad spreading tree up to 10m high x 8m wide, these can be planted as single specimens, used as an avenue or driveway planting or clipped to form pleached screens. These pears have brilliant red autumn foliage and glossy green foliage in Spring & Summer and they become covered with small white flowers early Spring. Click Here

Manchurian Pear Image


Aristocrat Ornamental Pear

Shape: Full Round Fat Tear Drop

Screen Spacing: 2 Meters Apart

Avenue Spacing: 7-15 Meters Apart

The Aristocrat Ornamental Pear is a very attractive, medium sized pear with a great branch structure and an excellent floral display.

It’s a tough and adaptable tree ideal for use in many landscape situations due to its brilliant fiery foliage and clumps of white flowers. Click Here

Aristocrat Pears


Red Spire Ornamental Pear 

Shape: Tall/Narrow

Screen Spacing: 1.8 Meters Apart

Avenue Spacing: 5 Meters Apart

Red Spire Pear is a medium to tall tree with dark green leaves turning to yellow and red in Autumn. Masses of white flowers in Spring. Ideal street or specimen tree. Click Here

Red Spire Pear


Bradford Ornamental Pear

Shape: Ball on a stick/Sturdy

Screen Spacing: 1.8 Meters Apart

Avenue Spacing: 5 Meters Apart

Chris has inside information that the Bradford Pear is actually Lindsay Fox’s favourite tree! And no wonder: it’s a compact, neat, rocket shaped tree that’s extremely hardy, plus it has fabulous white blossoms in Spring and brilliant red Autumn colour. Click Here

Bradford Pear