Winter With These Melbourne Favourites

Chris & Firescreen

Firescreen are a really hardy type of Lilly Pilly that are drought hardy and wind hardy.

They are completely immune to psyllid attack, psyllid’s just wont ever go near them, and as a result, they don’t get those little pimples on their leaves.

They have a lovely tall and narrow shape, with a beautiful mid to light green tone.

They’re full sun loving but don’t mind being in part shade either and they’ll grow just about anywhere in Australia!

Right now you can order the Lilly Pilly Firescreen at 2.3 to 2.5 meters tall in 12” pots for only $99.90 each. They are perfect for people who need an instant hedge, as this height is well above a standard fence height.

If you plant them one per meter you will have an instant screen, so instead of waiting for years you can order these beautiful Lilly Pilly Firescreens now, whack them in the ground and get an instant screen. Perfect!

To order call (03) 9359 3331 now and let us know how many you are after and if you need them delivered (Melbourne Delivery only $34.90). We will do the rest!


Firescreen Edit


Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses


PRE ORDER: 2ft tall Standard BARE ROOTED Iceberg Roses from only $12.90 each! Hurry Order Online Now!! 

That’s right, 2ft Tall Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses are only $12.90 each when you order them online NOW before the 15th of May at which point they will be going up to $14.90 each.

You will never get Standard Bare Rooted Iceberg Roses this cheap again! Hurry Order Now!!

Standard Iceberg Roses are the classic and traditional rose used in formal manicured gardens, cottage and even contemporary gardens.

Even the most uninformed gardener tends to recognize this rose. Because it is almost thornless, Iceberg lends itself to planting in public spaces and along walk-ways.

It has a very bushy and compact growth habit which makes the Iceberg Rose the ideal variety for budding it to a standard Rose understock. Hence the Standard Iceberg is one of the most popular variety roses in Australia.

Iceberg Roses also offer a cooling effect when you see it planted in a row with a green lawn or hedge around it and flowers profusely in all weather and all conditions.


Not only can you pre-order the Iceberg Std Roses but we also have a lovely big collection of Coloured Std Roses to Pre-order from too – Listed below is the complete list.

Joyfullness Bare Rooted Rose
Angel Face Bare Rooted Rose
Apricot Bare Rooted Rose
Bella Rosa Bare Rooted Rose
Black Beauty Bare Rooted Rose
Black Velvet Bare Rooted Rose
Blue Moon Bare Rooted Rose
Bonica Bare Rooted Rose
Bridal Bare Rooted Rose
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Bare Rooted Rose
Burgendy Iceberg Bare Rooted Rose
Camp David Bare Rooted Rose
Candy Stripe Bare Rooted Rose
Charle Du Guile Bare Rooted Rose
Double Delight Bare Rooted Rose
Europeanna Bare Rooted Rose
Just Joey Bare Rooted Rose
Kardinal Bare Rooted Rose
Kings Ransom Bare Rooted Rose
La Sevillana Bare Rooted Rose
Lili Marlene Bare Rooted Rose
Michelangelo Bare Rooted Rose
Mr Lincoln Bare Rooted Rose
Papa Meiland Bare Rooted Rose
Peace Bare Rooted Rose
Perfume Delight Bare Rooted Rose
Pierre De Ronsard Bare Rooted Rose
Princess De Monaco Bare Rooted Rose
Queen Elizabeth Bare Rooted Rose
Red Pierre De Ronsard Bare Rooted Rose
Seduction Bare Rooted Rose
Shocking Blue Bare Rooted Rose
Tamango Bare Rooted Rose

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