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Teeny Tiny Weeping Cherry

The weeping cherry for everybody! Weeping cherries have a beautiful cascading shape, gorgeous Autumn colour and fab Spring blossom. But sometimes the large size and high price of weeping cherries means it’s not an option for everyone, but right now at Hello Hello Plants we have Teeny Tiny Weeping Cherries! Standing at just 3ft tall, […]

Hello Hello – Barerooted Season is nearly over!!!

Here at Hello Hello Plants and garden supplies, we understand that doing up your garden ready for a Spring sale can sometimes be very daunting and you don’t know where to start. Don’t fear! We have come up with the winning formula to get your property looking fabulous for the market and it won’t have […]

Weeping Cherry Tree Clearance

Get 6ft Bare Rooted Weeping Cherries for only $59.90 each!!! Right now is the absolute best time to purchase and plant our beautiful bare rooted weeping cherries. Choose from White and Pink varieties and add a splash of colour to your garden this Spring! Because they’re bare rooted (which means field dug) the savings are […]

Bare Rooted Plants and Trees

“HELLO HELLO! It’s time to get BARE ROOTED!” Many people believe this is the catch cry of a slightly demented and possibly warped nurseryman – Chris from HelloHello. Maybe they’re not wrong, but there’s a little more to it. Every year when the cold Autumn rains come to the Dandenongs, the nurserymen start digging trees, […]

September in the garden

Gardening Tips for September in Melbourne. Things to do in your spring garden.

August in the garden

Gardening in August. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

June In the Garden!

June means that nearly half a year is over, and that winter is here for the next couple of months. It is starting to get really cold and we are getting more rainy days.  A lot of the deciduous trees are still shedding their leaves and some plants have slowed their growth down while others […]

Get A Free Garden Design At Hello Hello!!!

Susan & Leon really wanted a Japanese inspired garden as soon as possible. So whilst they sat down, Chris designed the garden in front of them so they could visualise how their new garden would look. Get a Free Garden Design, and if you purchase a garden lot of $1000 or more, you will receive a […]

$4.99 Garden Fillers!!

Have a question? Call us on (03) 9359 3331   Katie loved our $4.99 section, she has a huge rockery to fill up and this is her second visit to the Campbellfield store as she buys the plants for her rockery in stages. These small $4.99 plants quickly bush out to fill those gaps and […]

Our Pre-Spring Clearance is still on! 

Right now, is the absolute best time to save on plants for your garden. With a lot of our trees and plants been sold in their Bare Rooted form, you’re cutting out the costs of potting and shipping, and in a lot of cases saving up to twice as much as what they sell for […]