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Hello Hello – Mothers Day Alert!!!

Mother’s Day Alert! No more soap and slippers for Mum!  Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you’ll want to show her you really care with something different, exciting and above all just as beautiful as Mum! Instead of the old and tried slippers and soap, we have put together a few ideas for a memorable […]

Hello Hello – Weeping English Elm just $1!

Although not officially a Long Weekend, many people opt to have a continuously Long Weekend from Friday through to Tuesday (ANZAC Day) whilst taking advantage of the extra days off during the festive season. And for your convenience we’re open everyday over the Long Weekend to make shopping easier for you! OPEN EVERY DAY Over the […]

Easter Weekend Gardening Alert!!

“Easter is the best time of the year to plant. The weather is cooling, the soil is still warm and anything planted now will require very little watering from now until Christmas. Plants will establish new roots in the warm soil before Winter sets in then grow strongly throughout Spring and then will be well […]