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Bare Root Season - Ends August 3rd

Bare Root Season – Ends August 3rd

What is a Bare Root plant? Not in a pot! ­čśÇ At the nursery, we take them out of their soil bed and wrap the roots with soil and water in plastic ready for you to take home. How does it stay alive? Deciduous Trees, Shrubs and Roses all fall dormant (asleep) in Winter, so […]

Bare Root Fruit Trees From $9.99!

Healthy, juicy and delicious! Fruit trees are a fantastic and practical addition to your garden┬á­čśü We have just had a fresh delivery of Bare Rooted fruit trees ready for you to plant! Buying Bare Rooted trees are an┬áAMAZINGLY┬ácost effective way to fill up your garden. Come down to the nursery for a look or buy […]

Susan and Leon Create a Magical Garden

We first met the lovely Susan and Leon in May, they came to Hello Hello Plants with dreams of creating their own beautiful gardens, and we were more than happy to help these angels make their wants a reality! We love seeing the end result of the hard work our customers put into creating their […]

Guide For Selecting Bare Rooted Roses

Buying Bare Root Roses means you can save hundreds of dollars! Right now at Hello Hello Plants you can get a 3ft Standard Rose for $16.99ea, if you were to buy that same rose in the Springtime they will cost you $32.99ea. Soon the farmers will have to start potting up their roses for the […]

We LOVE a Happy Customer!

We service a wide range of people from all walks of life! This week Erin popped into the nursery and was very happy to find our prices were much cheaper than she had budgeted for. Read what she had to say about us below. Thanks for the lovely words Erin! “Fantastic service. I came in […]