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May in the Garden!

Let the cold weather begin! May brings the first frosts, cold nights and a blaze of Autumn colour and leaf fall from our deciduous trees and shrubs. There are lots of trees still bearing beautiful autumn foliage such as the Crimson Sentry Maples, London Plane trees and Golden Elms but by the end of the […]

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Garden Stimulus! *Updated List*

We are OPEN  FOR OPEN-AIR SHOPPING at our Campbellfield nursery every day from 8 AM- 6 PM!! To celebrate FREEDOM, we are doing a MASSIVE SALE on all your favorite plants! We have brought in beautiful FRESH NEW STOCK, that is looking so lush and fantastic you will want to buy them all, to fill up […]

April in the Garden! Happy Easter 2021!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! April usually marks the unofficial beginning of Autumn and the beginning of the longest season of the Kulin nation; ‘Waring’ or Wombat season! Unlike autumn, which lasts from March-May, Waring lasts from April to July. It marks the beginning of misty mornings, low temperatures and higher rainfall. Days begin to […]