Mozzie Madness

Mozzie Madness

It’s mosquito season my friends! Those pesky little enemies are planning attacks on your next BBQ.

But don’t let them send you running inside yelling expletives and shaking your fist in the air. Hope is not lost my friend!

Get the upper hand the 🌱NATURAL🌱 way with our range of mosquito repelling plants.

Rubbing the leaves of these plants releases an oil into the air the mosquitos find SUPER GROSS.

Go one step further and also rub the leaves of the plant on the skin as a light repellent. (Not recommended for people with sensitive skin)

Smells much more delicious than toxic sprays, check out the range below:

Leptospermum Liversidgei or “Mozzie Blocker”

Leptospermum Liversidgei or ‘Mozzie Blocker’

Leptospermum Liversidgei or ‘Mozzie Blocker’  foliage has a high citronella oil content that forms a barrier for mosquitos in Summer with the scent of citronella filling the air surrounding the plant when the plant is rubbed.

As an added bonus, ITS A REALLY PRETTY PLANT 😍 With soft pink clusters of flowers. Essential oils can also be distilled from the leaves 🍃💕

Lemon Scented Geranium or “Mozzie Plant”

Lemon Scented Geranium or ‘Mozzie Plant’

Pelargonium Crispum – Lemon Scented Geranium

Mmmm, can you smell that lemon-y citrus-y scent in the air? 😊 That’s Lemon Scented Geranium or ‘Mozzie Plant’ this cutie with it’s delicate pink flowers releases a plume of citronella or a citrus lemon like fragrance when the leaves are brushed against or crushed in the hands.

Nepeta Cataria Or “Catnip”

Nepeta Cataria Or 'Catnip'

Nepeta Cataria or ‘Catnip’ – Apparently it’s not just for your cats to get super buzzed on! 😉

One of the volatile oils in catnip is citronellol, which is useful as an insect repellent when crushed, rubbed or distilled. It’s useful against both mosquitos and aphids.

Furthermore, the effectiveness is also proven better than DEET, which is none other but a chemical substance often used as ingredient of factory-made mosquito repellent products.

Rosmarinus Officinalis – “Rosemary”

Rosmarinus Officinalis - 'Rosemary'

Rosmarinus Officinalis – ‘Rosemary’ – This is not just for a Sunday Lamb Roast! It ha fragrant foliage but it also repels mosquitoes and other insects.  

You can also toss some rosemary in a fire for an aromatic insect repellent!

A simple repellent spray is made by adding 1 cup dried rosemary to a 4 cups of water, boiling it in a pot for 20 to 30 minutes. Pour a 4 cups of cool water into another container then strain the rosemary water into the container.

Pour small amounts of the blend into squirt bottles to apply directly to skin and outdoor pets. Store the unused portions in the refrigerator; discard it when it no longer smells strongly of rosemary.



Our beautiful customers, Joan and Bruce, came in today on this lovely Sunday morning for a garden design! They came in with a fantastic hand-drawn layout of their garden, some photos of the space and only one idea to have a Weeping Cherry as a feature tree. Chris sat down with them to run through ideas and they designed a stunning cottage-style garden together with a show of eye-catching colour! All for only $620 bucks, design and delivery inclusive! Check out these great photos of the plants they chose together.


Interested in getting in on a FREE garden design too? Come visit us at 1477 Sydney Road, Campbellfield (everyday except Saturday) with some photos, drawings and ideas and any one of our lovely staff can help you out! Give us a call at (03) 9359 3331 to discuss further.

Happy Sunday! 🌺🌻


Horticultural Love!

Horticultural Love!

Craig wanted to win a woman’s heart and he decided to impress her by decorating her balcony with attractive and interesting plants. He spent a half hour with a little help from Chris choosing colourful specimens that he thought would suit his lovely lady’s balcony area. His entire selection cost a little more than a bunch of flowers but will make a much longer lasting impression. We’re now waiting with our fingers crossed to hear if good hearted Craig was successful.

Horticultural Romance Pic



Welcome to the Box Hedge Bonanza! A large amount of desirable lush green box and topiary ready for you take home and make a hedge, border or even a maze! (AH-MAZING) and did we mention it’s on sale? IT’S ON SALE!  Limited time only.

1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield. Open 9am-5pm EVERYDAY.


English Box Box Leaf Privet
Box Oz Dutch Box
Variegated English Box Japanese Box
Korean Box Green Rocket
Tom Thumb Shaggy Box


Approx hedge height – Shortest to tallest growing (In Melbourne, Victoria)

40-50 cm: ‘Tom Thumb’- Euonymus japonicus microphyllus

50-60 cm: ‘Dutch Box’ – Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa

50-60 cm: ‘Korean Box’ – Buxus microphylla microphylla

1 m: ‘Variegated English Box’ – Buxus sempervirens variegata

1 m:‘Japanese Box’ – Buxus microphylla japonica

1.2 m: ‘Green Rocket’ or ‘Evergreen Spindle’ – Euonymus japonicus

1.2 m: ‘BoxOz’ – Lonicera Nitida

1.5 m: ‘Shaggy Box’ – Buxus bodinieri

1.5 m: ‘English Box’ – Buxus sempervirens

1.5 m: ‘Faulkner Box’ – Buxus microphylla faulkner

2 m: ‘Box Leaf Privet’ – Ligustrum undulatum


Rate of growth – slowest to fastest (In Melbourne, Victoria)

Very slow: ‘Shaggy Box’ – Buxus bodinieri

Slow: ‘English Box’ – Buxus sempervirens

Slow: ‘Variegated English Box’ – Buxus sempervirens variegata

Slow: ‘Green Rocket’ or ‘Evergreen Spindle’ – Euonymus japonicus

Slow : ‘Dutch Box’ – Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa

Medium: ‘Faulkner box’ – Buxus microphylla faulkner

Medium: ‘Korean Box’ – Buxus microphylla microphylla

Medium: ‘Japanese Box’ – Buxus microphylla japonica

Fast:‘Tom Thumb’- Euonymus japonicus microphyllus

Fast: ‘BoxOz’ – Lonicera Nitida

Fast: ‘Box Leaf Privet’ – Ligustrum undulatum

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Hello Hello,

In February our nursery is full off the best bargains of the year. Traditionally most people do their planting in the cooler months, but the absolute best time of the year to plant is February as the nights are getting longer and cooler and the evaporation rate is dropping rapidly.

New plants will only need a few weeks of intensive watering, they will establish quickly in the warm soil, then you have 8-9 months ahead into the little to no watering stage and by next summer they will be established and ready to boom in spring.

You may be suffering in the heat but well watered plants adore hot weather. If you are contemplating a large plating project use a chemical soil wetter to enhance the effectiveness of your watering. The great thing is that if you plant now we offer the biggest and best plant bargains in February.

If you need any advise feel free to drop in at the nursery to see me.

Hello Hello Plants
1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Beautiful Customer Message

Beautiful Customer Message ❤️

💚🙂We love our friendly customers🙂💚 This is a beautiful little message we received from David today, it absolutely warmed our heart and we are so grateful you shared something so precious with us, YOUR ROSES LOOK BEAUTIFUL❤️

“Couldn’t post to your page but really wanted to send you these pics. Purchased these little standard Iceberg roses from you last winter and planted them out in a space that was a little lacking. As you can see they have taken off and are thriving….thank you so much.
I planted them in honour of my partners twin brother and my grandmother whom have both passed and are buried in the white rose garden of Sutherland cemetery. They mean so much.” 

Japanese Garden Makeover!

We love our friendly customers😊💚This is Kathy & John from St Albans, they came out to the nursery with an idea to create a Japanese style garden. 🍁
With the help of Chris and the gang they put together this beautiful trolley full of lush plants while their kids played in the nursery looking for fairies!
Thanks for coming out to say Hello Hello 👋😉

Kathy & John

$2.99 Clearance Sale


We have an awesome range of cottage plants, shrubs and ground covers all under $3.

So get in quick, before they run out the door! We’ll see you at the nursery 🌼 1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield ☎ (03) 9359 3331 🌴 OPEN EVERYDAY 9am – 5pm 🌞



Lovely Christmas Spirit

Lovely Christmas Spirit

How’s this for Christmas spirit! Lovely Elsa here paid us a visit today for our BIG Boxing Day sale so she could do-up her dear old friend Sylvia’s garden who is not able to do much gardening anymore. What a lovely gesture! Thank you SO much Elsa for telling us your kind story and for bringing your goodwill to the world. We know Sylvia will love her new garden!!

Lovely Christmas Spirit

Tropical Garden

Matching Shirts!!

Check out the shirts🌴😂SO GOOD! Tony (Chris’s long lost brother it seems) travelled all the way from Dandenong to snap up a bargain and left with a beautiful little weeping cherry for his garden! Thanks for brightening our day Tony.