Double Trouble-Two Chris’s!

Double Trouble-Two Chris’s!

😁💐DOUBLE TROUBLE-TWO CHRIS’S💐😁We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Chris today, he decided to come into the nursery after seeing the🌸$4.99 Line🌸special on Facebook! 👍

What a trooper, he drove an hour to get here!🚗💨and he’s bought THOUSANDS of plants off us in the past, and said “$3 difference per plant might not seem like much but when you’re getting heaps it makes all the difference”
Thephotos of he showed us of his garden look awesome and we’re stoked to have such a happy cruisey customer! Thanks Mate, look forward to seeing you again 🌟😃


Fabulous Value For Money!

Fabulous Value For Money!

😍🌸What a fantastic day, we’ve had the most lovely customers🌸😍This is Jamie, she popped into the nursery because she wanted to create a colourful garden on a hill, and when she filled up her trolly with bright blooms she was surprised how little it cost 😁🌻 saying “that’s fabulous value for money!” 💐 It made us so very happy, thanks Jamie for being a total legend and for letting us take photos of you 😅💚 @ Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies.

Fabulous Value For Money!

Ornamental Pears

Ornamental Pear Sales!

Ornamental pear trees are fast growing, tolerant of most soil types, including heavy and poor soils, and best of all they come in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Much loved by architects and local councils for their hardiness, Spring blossom, Autumn colour and their screening and wind break abilities. 

Screen Spacing = Creating a full lush screen with no gaps.

Avenue Spacing = Separated with gaps in between, common down driveways. 

Marvellous Maples

Marvellous Maples

Hello Hello! 👋
Welcome to the MAPLE SHOW! 📣🍁

The magical maples have just grown their fresh Spring leaves and are looking ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 😍 Maples make for a gorgeous feature tree in your yard, with their ever changing seasonal colour, they’re a great choice.

Don’t forget, we have hundreds of beautiful, one of a kind maples in the nursery that aren’t listed on the website 🙂 So pop in and have a look, we’re at 1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield

There is so many we can’t fit them all in the nursery. Check out the list of maples we can order in for you below:

Monster Spring Sale

Monster Spring Sale

This time of year, the sun shines down welcome rays of warm light, the blossoms start unfolding on the trees to put on a show and the prices at plant nurseries go up. 🤑

Yep, you read that correctly.

Because everything is on full show, looking bright and fresh nurseries tend to jack up the price, but this year we’re going for a different approach. 

We are going to drop prices as low as they can go. YES! BARGAINS FOR ALL! 💚

We’ve had trucks delivering stock to the nursery all week! and staff running around like headless chooks trying make room for it all. 😂 THIS IS A MONSTER SALE SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER! 

So come check it out folks, and remember, first in first served! Don’t let these deals slip through your fingers.

Love from the Hello Hello Nursery Team x 💜 

Glenda & Chris – Feeling Lovely

We LOVE a happy customer! This is Glenda & Chris, they are two of the loveliest humans we’ve met. Glenda and Chris decided they wanted to purchase some Green Rocket hedging, but were struggling to find anything under $10 in their home town of Ballarat, so once they found out we had them here at the nursery starting at $2.99 they decided to take a road trip to grab some plants and visit their favourite bakery while they were here. Plants treats and sweet eats! What a lovely day 😊 Thanks for visiting!

We Love a Happy Customer

Susan and Leon Create a Magical Garden

We first met the lovely Susan and Leon in May, they came to Hello Hello Plants with dreams of creating their own beautiful gardens, and we were more than happy to help these angels make their wants a reality! We love seeing the end result of the hard work our customers put into creating their own little piece of paradise.

These guys now have the best garden in their street and it would have saved thousands of dollars by getting a free garden design from us and doing all the planting themselves.

Thank you Susan and Leon for your kind words and positive nature, customers like you make things a breeze!

Susan & Leon: 

To everyone in the team at Hello Hello Plants, we are thrilled with our new front and rear gardens and want to express our gratitude for all of your help and support throughout the process.

We had no idea how to achieve it, all we knew is that we wanted a Japanese garden with a red maple, and you delivered!

Front Garden

From the initial design and plant selection, to the advice, the follow up phone calls helping to keep us on track with preparing the soil and finishing with the personal delivery, including set out of the plants from Chris himself, the service has been second to none.

This was our first time landscaping, it hasn’t been easy, but with your support we have gotten through it with 2 absolutely beautiful gardens that we are proud of.

Thank you to all of the team, we couldn’t have done it without you all!

King regards,

Susan and Leon

Back Yard

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing gardens and we are here to help you! Come down to the store at 1477 Sydney Rd Campbellfield, with some photos and measurements and let’s get started on your new garden

We LOVE a Happy Customer!

We service a wide range of people from all walks of life! This week Erin popped into the nursery and was very happy to find our prices were much cheaper than she had budgeted for. Read what she had to say about us below.

Thanks for the lovely words Erin!

“Fantastic service. I came in today expecting to just have a quick look around. I was greeted with very helpful advice from Chris and his staff who made it so much easier than I thought it would be. Was great to see this nursery, still is exactly how it was back when I was a kid and visited Emerald with my family. Best surprise was how much cheaper it was than I had budgeted. Will be back next week for more 

We Have Some Massive Savings At Our EOFY SALE!!!


As the financial year comes to an end we have been busy little bees here a Hello Hello Plants.

We are running around the nursery picking out some juicy bargains just for you!

But it can’t last long, it’s all over red rover on 30th June 2018. 

So get in quick and find your tax write off today 😉

We have Lemons, Limes, Agapanthus and Weeping Cherry too!

We have so much stock we don’t know what to do!

Kidding, we do know, we’re going to sell it at marked down prices😉

Introducing The Balcony Beasties Range

Hello Hello!

Is your balcony a place where plants go to die?

Really hot? High winds?

We know you want a beautiful balcony with none of the responsibility! That’s why we’ve created THE BALCONY BEASTIES RANGE!

Plants that can grow in a pot and are tough as nails! Go on a holiday and relax knowing your plants will be happy when you get back!

It’s a easy as 1,2,3!

1. Grab a big pot that tickles your fancy. 2. Grab two plants from the Balcony Beasties range. Yuccas! Succulents! Flax! 3. Grab a bag of bright pebbles to top it all off. 

And there you have it!

The balcony beasties range. Tough as nails mate!