Summer Heat Wave Sale

Note! Our heatwave sale and gift voucher offer has been extended until Monday the 17th of February!

After a mild start, Summer is here in Melbourne in force! There’s a heatwave forecast for this week, and we’re having a sale to celebrate.

Summer is actually a fantastic time for buying and planting plants. The warmth means they are in a constant state of growth, and provided enough water, they really do enjoy the heat. Think of a tropical jungle teeming with life!

Summer is also when growers clear their stock to make room for growing the next season’s round of plants. We have dozens of growers asking us to sell their plants off cheap. With truckloads coming in every day, we need to keep selling in spite of the heat.

You can beat the heat and shop with us online, in air conditioned or at least fan cooled comfort. Or you can brave the heat and come to our Campbellfield nursery in person. Either way, this week we’re giving away a free $100 gift voucher for every purchase over $500, until Monday the 17th of February.

We’re adding special Summer plant deals daily, so check our Specials Page for the latest deals.

Terms & Conditions

Our special Summer 2014 Gift Vouchers are valid online at and also in our Campbellfield nursery. They are valid for use in your next purchase, or to give to a friend, until 30st June 2014, and can be used to purchase anything we sell or offer including delivery, with no restrictions.

Your gift voucher can be emailed to you OR straight to your recipient. You can also request to have a physical gift card posted to you or to your lucky recipient. Just let us know by emailing after your purchase.

Getting Your Voucher Online

Once you have added at least $500 worth of products to your cart, your gift voucher will be automatically added. If this doesn’t happen, just refresh your browser on the cart page.