Get Bare Rooted

📣 Get Bare Rooted 📣

🌟🎉It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to get BARE ROOTED! 😉 🎉🌟
🤔What does bare rooted mean?
Bare rooted simply means – No pot!
💁Is there an advantage to buying bare rooted plants?
Hell yeah, they are SO MUCH CHEAPER!
🌿Does this harm the plant?
Absolutely not, this has been practised for years and years and years. Deciduous plants fall asleep when it gets cold, so they aren’t under too much stress when they’re moved.
💝How do you keep them at the nursery?
In big garden bed filled with loose soil, or big pots all together.
🏡How do I take them home?
We wrap the roots of your plants in in a plastic wrap, we add a little soil and a little bit of water to keep the roots moist.
🚗Can I fit them in the car?
Yes you can! But we recommend bringing something to put under them, as it’s slightly muddy.

Bare Rooted Plants: