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Bare Root Standard Roses 2021!

Clearance of Bare Rooted Standard roses!


Sale Ends Saturday 9th Oct!

We have reached the end of the season for our bare-rooted roses! This is the last week that you can get them and after that the prices go up as you can only get them potted!

Now is your last chance of the year to purchase standard roses as we have only a few dozen of each variety of roses in stock. We have the classic iceberg varieties in 3ft and many colour varieties in 3ft standards.

What are bare rooted plants and how to plant them?

Bare root means a plant is supplied without soil around the roots. In winter, roses usually stop growing and become dormant. They are dug from the ground, are pruned and the roots are washed free of soil prior to packing and transport. They come to you without foliage or flowers. Read more about this technique and how to properly plant them by clicking here.

Advantages of bare root roses:

☆ They are easy to transport
☆ Many Varieties – Sizes and Colours to choose from!
☆ You can get as many as you want for long rows!
☆ Healthy and Strong plants!
☆ Cheaper than Spring/Summer roses!
☆ Available in-store now!
☆ Plant in winter and get flowers in spring!

Advantages of standard roses:

☆ Create a 2 -story layered garden effect with your roses at the top and other plants at the bottom.
☆ Easy to weed at the bottom of the standard roses, without getting pricked by thorns.
☆ Very appealing effect by planting long rows of the same variety.
☆ Available in 2ft and 3ft heights depending on your requirements.
☆ Easy to trim and maintain due to their height.
☆ Very hardy and easy to grow
☆ Some delightfully fragrant varieties are available.

Standard Roses Garden

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2ft, 3ft White Iceberg Roses & White Carpet Roses

2ft Colour Roses

3ft Colour Roses

Shipping and Delivery

We can post 2ft standard roses by post to you.

We cannot post 3ft and 4ft roses, however, we do deliver Victoria wide and we can also send them by Freight. Unfortunately, we cannot send them to Tasmania. Click here to read about our delivery service and click here to read about our FREE delivery offer!
Call  PH: (03) 9359 3331 or email for more information.