Mother Yucca Sale!

A local nurseryman has asked Chris to sell a whole paddock of big yuccas; these are the ones he has picked his baby yuccas off for several years and they have grown into beautifully sculptured yucca centerpieces. We are calling them “Mother Yuccas”!

If you’re doing up a garden or decorating a patio or deck with pot plants, get a Mother Yucca Sculpture for an instant established look.

This is a third of what you could pay elsewhere to get a beautifully mature modern style garden feature. Buy them online now, or come over to our Campbellfield Nursery and pick out the perfect “Mother Yucca” for you, while they last!

Cup Weekend Sale

It’s Melbourne Cup Weekend and of course we’re having a sale! And what is Cup time without roses. We have discounted our most popular standard rose varieties, and have them waiting in the store for you to take home.

Standard Roses: 2ft = $16.90 and 3ft = $19.90

In addition, we have even more surplus and industry seconds to clear. Unbeatable bargains include:

Sale ends Tuesday 5th November 2013!

Free Pot of Lavender

We had so much fun last week giving away our Free Garden Sprayers that we decided this week to give away something else!

Get a free 2″ pot of Avonview Lavender (usually $4.90 and on sale now for $2.90) with every order on $10 or more. Once again you can get this by purchasing online or in the store, one per customer. Offer ends Monday the 21st of October.

Avonview Lavender is one of our favourite lavender varieties. It’s a long-blooming lavender with luxurious smelling flowers and foliage, and features vibrant, dark blue and violet-purple flowers which are produced throughout the warmer months and all year round in hotter climates.

These will be available instore tomorrow, and online straight away.


Free Garden Sprayer

Free-Garden-SprayerThis weekend, starting Friday, we’re giving away high-quality multi-purpose garden sprayers with every order over $10. This is for all orders made online as well as instore.

These are very handy to have in the garden and even around the home. Use to apply garden sprays, foliar applications and homemade garden remedies.

Check out this home remedy for taking care of slugs in the garden: Mix 1 part ammonia and 1 part water, and spray directly on slugs with your garden sprayer. The ammonia ends up helping to fertilize your plants.

One per customer. Offer ends Monday the 14th of October. While stocks last. Customers ordering online, please order as normal and your sprayer will be included in delivery or pickup.

Instore Clearance: Roses from $5.90

As the weather warms up, our bare rooted season is almost over. The dormant bare-rooted plants are springing to life and need to go back in the soil! We have sold thousands of bare rooted roses this year, and we need to clear the rest of our stock this week. Note: Stock is still available. We estimate one more week left on this special.

We can only offer these prices instore on stock we have left in the nursery, so come in and get roses for the cheapest price you will see all year. There are still numerous varieties to choose from.

As an in-store only clearance, we are now selling:

2ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses – $5.90

3ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses – $9.90

4ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses – $12.90

We expect this to last only a few days, so we hope to see you soon in the nursery up at Campbellfield, snapping up a rose bargain.

If you can’t make it down, you can view the full list of rose varieties we have for sale online here.

Ornamental Pear Tree Shapes

There’s not many better beautiful trees for urban landscapes than the Ornamental Pear. They are fast growing and tolerant of most soil types, and don’t get too big. Best of all, Ornamental Pear trees have beautiful Spring blossoms, lush shiny green foliage for late Spring and Summer, and gorgeous Autumn colour.

Because they are so popular, there are many varieties of Ornamental Pear trees around. So how do you choose which is best for you? By shape!

We found that there wasn’t much info around to guide people in their Ornamental Pear tree selection. So late one night last week, Chris did some sketching and we created the “Ornamental Pear Tree SHAPE-O-METER”! This shows our most popular Ornamental Pear varieties compared by shape.

These are the final shapes of the trees once they reach maturity, based on Chris’ years of observation of hundreds of each Ornamental Pear tree variety actually growing around Melbourne.

Example of pleached trees in an English cottage garden.

We also threw in some pleached pear hedge shapes, for the two best Ornamental Pears for pleaching; Everscreen and Manchurian. Pleaching is where a tall screen with space underneath for lower growing plants is created. This is done by planting a row of trees together, and training or pruning them to shape. The lower part is cut back to make space for underplanting. This works very well against fences to create a leafy height extension that blocks out neighbours. Ornamental Pears are a great tree to use for pleaching. Everscreen is the only one that is evergreen and keeps its leaves all year round. Manchurian is deciduous, so will let light in during the Winter months.

Ornamental Pear Varieties Now On Sale:

Bare Rooted Rose Sell-out

It’s official; we’ve sold a LOT of roses this Winter, and we’ve actually sold out our main supplier of almost all his bare-rooted roses. Everyone at the nursery would like to say thank you to all our customers in Melbourne, Victoria and around Australia for getting behind our bare-rooted rose clearance and buying up big.

But all is not lost! We still have limited stock of our most popular standard rose varieties, which we hoarded away to last us through the Winter. That means, until stocks last, you can still get:

2ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses for $8.90 and 3ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses for $14.90!

As of today, that includes Icebergs, Blue Moons, Double Delight, Gold Bunny, Camp David, Mr Lincon, Hannah Gordon and more. As these sell out we’ll update them on the website, so check our online rose selection to see what’s left.

Good news is that potted roses are still available at a discounted price, and some that were previously sold out are now back in stock. Use the links below to browse through our various roses for sale, or see our Guide to Selecting Roses.

Browse Roses for Sale:

All Bare Rooted Roses

Bare Rooted Rose Bushes SOLD OUT

Bare Rooted Climbing Roses SOLD OUT


Round Box Hedge Garden Idea

Melbourne gardens are as many and varied as Melbourne residents. It’s a cultural melting pot that most people embrace, and our gardens often reflect our mix of origins and tastes.

Walking the streets of Thomastown in Melbourne’s north, we saw these two examples of modern landscaping plants mixed with traditional box hedges in small, tidy beds. These make an impressive focus point in a garden! And not as hard to take care of as their carefully clipped shapes suggest.

Agaves and Box Leaf Privet

Here we have a small Box Leaf Privet hedge surrounding a multi-headed cluster of agaves. Agaves are one of the easiest plants to establish and maintain, and give you a lot in terms of sculptural contrast for little maintainence. We cannot change the fact that a neat box hedge requires it’s trim a few times a year, but using low maintainence plants in the centre cuts the work down. On the plus side, Box Leaf Privet tolerates almost every soil type and can succeed where sometimes English Box can’t.

What you need:

For each mini bed this size (1 metre across) you would only need:

8x Box Leaf Privet

3x Agave Attenuata










English Box, Cycads, Silver Star Yuccas and an Olive on top


Here’s another great example of a round box hedge. This time it’s a tightly clipped English Box oval, with some modern, low maintainence plants in the centre. At the outside ends are two beautiful yuccas of the variety “Silver Streak”. Then we have two nice sized cycads and a young olive tree in the centre. Once the tree reaches maturity, this feature garden bed is going to look really stunning.

What you need:

For each bed this size (3 metres across) you would need:

40x English Box

2x Yuccas

2x Cycads

1x Olive Tree




The Bare Rooted Season Is Coming!

Winter is a fun season for us at Chris & Marie’s, because we get BARE ROOTED! Above you can see one of the fields of roses nearly ready to be dug up and sold cheaply in bare root form at our nursery and on the website. Read the frequently asked questions below to find out why we get so excited about bare rooted trees and bare rooted plants, and find out how to garden with bare rooted plants.

Bare rooted English Box is usually the cheapest you’ll get all year.

What are “bare rooted” or “field dug” plants and trees?

For thousands of years nurserymen have cultivated shrubs and trees and dug and distributed them as bare rooted young plants. This literally means the plant is not in a pot with soil, and its roots are bare.

In Australia millions of fruit trees, roses and ornamental plants are still grown, dug and distributed in the bare rooted form. From a horticultural point of view this is by far the most economical and best way to produce and distribute plants. It means the buyer gets a bigger, better plant for less, as nurserymen have lower production costs when pots and their associated costs are not involved.

When is the “bare rooted” season?

In Winter, when there is the largest selection of plant varieties available in bare root form, from small to larger sized trees and shrubs including plants that are not available in bare root form at other times of the year.

This is because most plants become dormant in Winter, and the conditions are just right to dig them up without any harm done and keep their roots moist and the plant alive very easily, ready to plant in your garden and burst into life when Spring comes

We expect Melbourne’s bare rooted season to be in full swing by mid to late May this year.

What are the benefits of bare rooted plants?

The dormant field digging season is really the best time to get planting in the garden. Field dug/bare rooted trees and plants are cheap and easy to transport and plant. This means that you can buy them for significantly less than in other seasons, where they must be kept in pots.

It also means we can send plants by freight or post in much larger sizes and quantities than at any other times of the year. Interstate and country Victoria customers shopping online for plants benefit greatly from this, as freight costs are slashed with the reduction of the size, weight and fragility of bare rooted plants.

What bare rooted plants are for sale this year?

Chris is already planning with his suppliers to have the biggest and best bare rooted plant sale ever this year, with the list of plants we will have to offer growing and growing. As a guide, these are the types of plants we usually supply bare rooted in this season:

  • Roses, including Standard, Bush, Climbing and Weeping
  • Berries, including Strawberries, Raspberries and more
  • Grape Vines
  • Nut Trees
  • Fruit Trees, including Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Figs, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Plums and more
  • Blossom Trees, including ornamental fruit trees and magnolias
  • Standard and Weeping Trees, including Mop Tops, Weeping Maples and Celtic Cascades
  • Birch Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Ornamental Trees, including Elms, Oaks, Ashes, and Powton Sapphire Dragon
  • Hedging Plants, including the cheapest English Box you’ll get all year

You can already pre-order the very popular bare rooted 3ft Standard Iceberg Roses to secure your plants, as these sell out fast. As we secure bare rooted stock we’ll put it on the website for preorder so that customers can make sure they get the cheap bare rooted plants they want and don’t miss out.

For more information on gardening with bare rooted plants, plus planting instructions, visit our Bare Rooted Planting Guide.

Easter Rose Clearance & Plant Sale

Chris was asked an interesting question by a customer recently: Why is the nursery down the road selling standard roses that look just the same as yours, for $70, when yours are $17.90? How is this possible?

The answer is that Chris has been preparing a fantastic sale for Easter, and his growers want to clear their roses to make space to plant next season’s crop. So they’ve worked together to make an unbeatable deal- only $17.90 for ALL of our 3ft Standard Roses. NOT $70! And not just a few varieties, all of them! Click here to browse all our roses, and here to view just the 3ft Standard Roses.

Other great specials Chris has prepared are:

See all the Specials on our Specials Page! Sale ends Easter Tuesday, 2nd of April, or while stocks last.


COVID-19 Update, 3rd August 2020: We are still operating 7 days and providing contact-less door-to-door delivery in Metro Melbourne and regional centres. From Thurs 6th August, our Campbellfield store will be closed to the general public and open to tradespeople only. You will still be able to shop online or over the phone. To inquire about an existing order, please email