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Welcome to Melbourne (& Victoria’s) largest plant nursery – Hello Hello Plants!

We have over 250,000 plants on our 1.5 acre site, covering over 3,000 different varieties. These range from the tiniest ground covers to giant fruit trees and more.

Let us take you on a step-by-step “tour” of our nursery. We hope you can visit us in person soon.

The different zones of our nursery:

Front Display

Hello Hello Nursery front

Our frontal display outside the nursery features some of our very best bargains and some of the most exciting things we have on offer. Here you’ll find our ‘Gardens for Everyone’ promotion. This runs all year round with offers like small cottage plants, border plants or ground covers that other nurseries might sell for $10 -12, even up to $14-15, but we sell for around $7. That includes lots of things like Salvias and Carnations, etc.

succulentsYou’ll also find Succulents here and Jade plants. Lots of things that we grow ourselves or that we got in cheap on special deals. There’s a lot out front and it’s pretty big. So big, people think it’s the whole nursery, but there’s so much more to see once you step inside.

Box Section

Our box section contains some of the most popular varieties, including English Box, Japanese Box, Korean Box, Privet Box and “Tom Thumb” (a kind of fake box). They are available in sizes ranging from 3-inch pots from $1.99 right up to 16-inch pots from $149.99.

You can choose something small and cheap to get your started or if you need something already big and well-established, we can supply that too.

Once you choose your preferred Box, if you want 20, 30 or even 50 of them don’t worry, we stock hundreds if not thousands of them to make sure we always have what our customers want!


In the Edibles section of our nursery you will find an enormous variety of edible plants including herbs and plants that produce fruits. From Olives Trees to Tomato Plants and Fig Trees to a whole range of Citrus Trees including Oranges, Lemons, & Limes, as well as Stone Fruit Trees such as Peaches, Plums & Cherries and of course Apple & Pear Trees too. 

Many of our fruit trees are available in both full size for your garden and dwarf varieties if you need to grow them in pots.

Here you will also find a wide variety of berries and almost every imaginable herb. 

Cool Climate Tropical Zone

In this zone you will find Birds of Paradise as well as different palms like Date Palms and Cocos Palms, and African Milk Cactus. A lot of these could be used indoor or outdoor, it’s your choice.

Cottage Garden

Our Cottage Garden section features a wide variety of annuals and perennials that will flower profusely and give you that delightful, colourful cottage garden you seek.

Hello Hello Nursery Cottage plants

Here you will find colourful favourites like Daisies, Foxgloves, Pansies, Petunias, Verbenas, Impatiens, etc. You’ll see lots of little 4-inch pots, all from around $7.

If you want colour all year round, not just flowers that bloom only for a short-time each year, then choose from our range of plants with coloured foliage, like Chalk Sticks for example which have a lovely silver blue foliage or Cordylines which look like small colourful palm trees or Flaxes that come in various shades.

Ground Covers

Ground covers are growing in popularity as an alternative to lawns as people are seeking to avoid having to mow. We propagate a lot of the ground covers ourselves. They are low maintenance, look great and work well to fill in between pavers or pathways as a “no-mowing” alternative to grass.

Here you will find varieties like Asiatic Jasmine, White Creeping Thyme, Silverlawn, Mint ‘Corsican’, Dichondra repens, Juniperus ‘Blue Rug’ and Casuarina – the “Cousin It” plant.


In our grasslands section you will find a wide variety of both native and exotic grasses in small, medium, tall and even flowering varieties.

Look for Pet Grass, Mondo Grass, Liriope, Lomandra, Zebra Grass and Anigozanthos and much, much more. 

Overflow Area

Hello Hello Nursery Overflow bulk stockDon’t miss our Overflow Area. This is where we display some of the best bargains we have. Sometimes we find a great deal on plants and we might buy 500 or 1000 of them. Or if we think the industry is going to run short on something for an upcoming season we buy up big to make sure our customers don’t miss out. 

When we don’t have room for all these extra special bargains, this is where we put them.

Australian Natives

In this section you will find a vast number of uniquely Australian plants including the most well-known favourites like Eucalypts, Banksias, Acacias, Grevilleas, Westringias and Callistemons in both large and small varieties as well as Kangaroo Paws.

But here you will also find plants that are not strictly Australian Natives, like Leucadendron which is actually from South Africa, a land with a similar climate to ours. So it’s very popular in Australian Native gardens because its colour works well with our local plants.


If you want a ‘Touch of Asia’ in your garden, take a look at our Oriental Pearls and ‘Snow Maiden’ Indian Hawthorn, or our Bamboo section which features about 10-15 types of bamboo. You’ll also discover around 40-50 different sorts of Japanese Maples here.


ConifersIf you pine for conifers you will love this section. We have Hedging Conifers and Avenue Conifers and Specimen or Individual Conifers. If you want conifers, we’ve got conifers!

Deciduous Trees

Our collection of deciduous trees is extensive. We have Maples galore – from Norwegian Maples to Field Maples to Japanese Maples and Snake Bark Maples.

Many of these are great for an entrance area because they grow into a lovely ball on a stick with beautiful Maple leaves. Here you’ll also find the very popular Crepe Myrtles.

Chris at Hello Hello Plants Nursery with Bare Rooted treeOur famous “bare-rooted” area is where we sell plants out of their pots with their roots exposed and free of soil. We can only do this with plants during their dormant stage so it only happens for a limited time each year.

Plants we sell bare-rooted include fruit trees such as citrus, apple and pear, a variety of roses, English Box and many ornamental trees such as Weeping Cherries and Japanese Maples. 

With no soil or pot needed for bare-rooted plants they are cheap to transport and store so you can enjoy them for up to 75% off potted prices.

Indoor Plants

Indoor PlantsOur indoor plants section is packed with interesting and popular indoor plants. Whether you want just one to put in a little pot in the corner or to fill your whole house with them, here you will find all the popular favourites.

Look for “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”, Devils Ivy, Aloe Vera, Spider Grass, Maidenhair Fern, Fruit Salad Plant, Peace Lily, Cyclamen, Orchids and of course, Succulents.

Delivery Vans at front of Hello Hello Plants

With 5 delivery vans working all day, every day to fulfill our customer’s online orders there are always plants leaving to be delivered all over Melbourne and Victoria.

Many customers choose to come collect their online orders themselves so this is where you can go to pick up your order. If you don’t know how, just ask one of our friendly, helpful staff.

Free Garden Design Area

Just to the left of the front desk is our FREE Garden Design area. This is where we do Free Garden Designs for our customers. We get very busy on weekends so best to book in advance. We are always happy to help you design your garden for free and help you to pick the best plants and the right plants to make it look wonderful.

Feeling inspired to create your own garden, but want some expert advice? Try our one-on-one garden design service with Chris. Together you’ll come up with a selection of plants along with a layout plan that gives you the look you want, as well as being suitable for your local soil and conditions.

get your own tailored modern garden design:

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