Ornamental Pear Tree Shapes

There’s not many better beautiful trees for urban landscapes than the Ornamental Pear. They are fast growing and tolerant of most soil types, and don’t get too big. Best of all, Ornamental Pear trees have beautiful Spring blossoms, lush shiny green foliage for late Spring and Summer, and gorgeous Autumn colour.

Because they are so popular, there are many varieties of Ornamental Pear trees around. So how do you choose which is best for you? By shape!

We found that there wasn’t much info around to guide people in their Ornamental Pear tree selection. So late one night last week, Chris did some sketching and we created the “Ornamental Pear Tree SHAPE-O-METER”! This shows our most popular Ornamental Pear varieties compared by shape.

These are the final shapes of the trees once they reach maturity, based on Chris’ years of observation of hundreds of each Ornamental Pear tree variety actually growing around Melbourne.

Example of pleached trees in an English cottage garden.

We also threw in some pleached pear hedge shapes, for the two best Ornamental Pears for pleaching; Everscreen and Manchurian. Pleaching is where a tall screen with space underneath for lower growing plants is created. This is done by planting a row of trees together, and training or pruning them to shape. The lower part is cut back to make space for underplanting. This works very well against fences to create a leafy height extension that blocks out neighbours. Ornamental Pears are a great tree to use for pleaching. Everscreen is the only one that is evergreen and keeps its leaves all year round. Manchurian is deciduous, so will let light in during the Winter months.

Ornamental Pear Varieties Now On Sale: