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Summer Project

Pinnacle Lilly Pilly 10″ – $99.99 Now $49.99 Very narrow Lilly Pilly Perfect for planting along fences and driveways Bright shiny foliage with light reddish-brown new growth Weeping Gleditsia 6ft 13″ pot – $199.99 Now $139.99 Lovely golden Autumn leaves Aesthetic weeping habit Excellent for filling awkward corners in the garden Capital Pear 8″ pot – $29.99 Now […]

5ft tall live Christmas trees for only $49.90 ea!!!

These aren’t any sort of Christmas Tree, these are the beautiful Daintree Pine! They have a lovely soft foliage so they won’t spike or hurt your children and they have a beautiful full Christmas shape. Normally you would expect to pay $100 or $90 for these, But this week we’ve got them for just $49.90 […]

The Pre Spring Clearance Continues

Get in and save at our Pre-Spring Clearance!! Right now, is the absolute best time to save on plants for your garden. With a lot of our trees and plants been sold in their Bare Rooted form, you’re cutting out the costs of potting and shipping, and in a lot of cases saving up to twice […]

Our Pre-Spring Clearance Has Begun!!

Don’t miss out on these Winter prices!!! 6-7 inch tall English Box in 2” pots only $1.59 each! Get beautiful big English Box in 2” pots for only $1.59 each. English box are the classic all rounder for creating wonderful enclosed landscapes and gardens. Whether you’re creating a border or a hedge, English Box will […]