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Magical Rose Carpets

Carpet roses are an the most popular ground cover rose. They can produce an astonishing display of colourful blossoms in spring through to autumn. They’re extraordinarily low maintenance and have exceptional disease resistance.

Amazing Agapanthus!!

Agapanthus, also known as Lily of the Nile, means love’s flower, from the Greek word ‘agape’ which means love, and ‘anthos’ which means flower.They are characterized by their big orbs of trumpet like flowers with a gorgeous violet hue, although there are a couple of types that are white. We have dozens of varieties for […]

Weeping Wonders!

Weeping trees are a stunning feature in almost any garden. They add interest to the landscape all year long with their long weeping branches that sway gracefully in the wind. They soothe the mind and evoke feelings of serenity! A weeping tree has branches or leaves that droop downward, creating a graceful profile. Most weeping trees do not have this habit […]

GIFT Vouchers !

So you want to buy them a gift this Christmas, and it would be a plant obviously as they love plants!! But which one should you choose? If you have no idea, don’t stress! Give the gift of choice this Christmas! Get them a gift voucher so that they can easily choose their favorite one, […]


PLEASE PRE-ORDER BEFORE ATTENDING THE NURSERY AS FLOOR STOCK IS LIMITED Welcome to the BIG BOX CLEARANCE SALE!!! A large amount of desirable lush green box and topiary ready for you take home and make a hedge, border or even a maze! (AH-MAZING) and did we mention it’s on sale? IT’S ON SALE!  Limited time […]

Green & White – The Classic Combo

When it comes to creating a colour scheme for your garden, you can have such an overwhelming choice! But if you want something that is really stylish and stunning in its simplicity, nothing beats the Green & White combo! It is such a easy combination of planting, you cannot go wrong! This easily compliments any […]

We’ve Overbought! Now we need to Under Price!

Hello Hello Friends, You might already know how Chris loves to get you the best deals possible by buying in bulk from his suppliers, and passing his savings on to you! But he was a little overzealous while ordering, and now the nursery is Chock FULL of beautiful plants that need a new home!! So Chris […]

The $2.99 Range

Hello Hello! Check out these amazing, colourful specials we have on at the moment and guess what… they’re all $2.99!

Bare Rooted Fruit Trees

Bare Rooted Fruit Trees

??Create a mini farm in your backyard! It’s time to get BARE FRUITED! ?? ?What does bare rooted mean? Bare rooted simply means – No pot! ?Is there an advantage to buying bare rooted plants? Hell yeah, they are SO MUCH CHEAPER! ?Does this harm the plant? Absolutely not, this has been practised for years and […]

Bare Rooted Roses

Bare Rooted Roses

It’s the end of bare rooted season! ROSE CLEARANCE TIME – Grab em before they’re gone. Bare Rooted Roses 2ft: Bare Rooted Roses 3ft: Bare Rooted Bush Roses: Bare Rooted Climbing Roses: