Aussie Outdoor Palm

An Aussie Outdoor Palm is perfect for a modern landscape garden.

They’re fast growing, hardy and very cheap to purchase, unlike any other palm style plants. The Aussie Outdoor Palm loves to be trimmed so it can be kept looking great in a confined area. Plant it in large pots, as a screen or as an accent palm. Aussie Outdoor Palm – Cordyline Australis is a native of New Zealand. It looks just like a Yucca Plant, but because it is so fast and easy to grow only costs a fraction of the price of a Yucca. Cordylines can be used as hardy pot plants for years. Keep them moist and fertilise regularly with Devotion Time Release Fertiliser to keep them a rich green.

Cordlylines can be used as a feature or screen in a modern grassy or native style landscape. They withstand poor and heavy soils, wet feet and extreme wind coastal exposure. But the best feature is that unlike other palm style plants they can be kept down to a reasonable size. When they get too big just cut the trunk off at the desired height and the Aussie outdoor palm will grow a new top, unlike other palms which die if you cut the top off.

Cordyline Garden

A 6” pot is ideal for planting a hedge, screen, or filling a large commercial planting. The 10” pot is perfect when you need a modern accent plant to fill a large pot. This means you can make your patio look smart on a budget.

Aussie outdoor palms are wind resistant, will grow in any soil, withstand frost and coastal exposure.